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Factory Audit Services

Factory auditing is mostly carried out to verify any kind of short cut practices and lacks in the safety measures in the factories to get the profits through these unofficial processes. There are the chances of having surplus finished goods available in the factories without any audit records. These surplus goods are circulated in the market through different sources on discounted rates.

Our factory auditing system undertakes these audit assignments in a manner to gather the evidences on such audits and calculate the extent to which these audits could cover up the area of the factory. We take the steps to cover internal and external auditing of the factories to gather the evidences on such practices. Our investigation processes verify all the raw material, supplies, physical receipt and inspections, components and lacks in the safety measures to produce the product. In case of excessive finished products, analyses are performed to gather information on business market and saturation of agreements to identify the defaulters.

For further information regarding our IP auditing services and for your particular requirement of IP investigations, please feel free to contact us on [email protected] according to your requirement respectively.

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