Trade Fair Monitoring Services

Trade Fair Monitoring Services

Trade fairs are the activities of socio economic, cultural and business promotions where industries and companies present and promote their future brands and products through multiple ways. We have the expert professionals to offer the complete service on trade fair monitoring throughout the world. Our technical skills and analytical approaches are able to inspect and verify the counterfeit and infringe products for the unlawful growth and profits.

Most of the trade fairs provide the immense probability of recognition of producers and manufacturers through exhibitions. Our monitoring processes are effective in setting up the trade relations between manufactures, companies and expose the firms, exporters as well as traders who promote counterfeits products in the exhibitions.

Our investigators dupes as the customer to identify such products and gather few samples and photographs of the same. These processes are helpful in taking enforcement actions against traders with toughest steps of confiscation of stocks. If required, then they can publicize, and seize such products even in the exhibitions.

We are providing you the up to mark services to get to the truth about real scenario and help your Intellectual Property to stay protected. For further information or query regarding our IP investigations, please feel free to contact us on [email protected] according to your requirement respectively.

NOTE: As we are professional IP investigators, all the information provided by you to us and also the discreet information gained by us during the investigation will be dealt under the strictest confidence for considering the private investigation ethics.