Conduct / Organize Criminal & Civil Raids

Conduct / Organize Criminal & Civil Raids

IP investigators are professionals; indeed we provide extensive protection to your Intellectual property to avoid any kind of infringement and as an IP rights owner, it’s also your right to protect your Intellectual Property. Consequently, we work for our prestigious clients to protect their Intellectual Property in all manners. We have expertise in organizing the raids which is a severe and an ultimate action against the counterfeiters. Sometimes they may in the form of companies or small factories or may be individuals who manufacture goods/ products and spread in the market. We find the root cause of the problem as we search for the manufactures and perform raids following with the ceasing of the counterfeited stock/ seizure till destruction of the seizure.

If you are in need of the support to identify counterfeiters to trap them through investigations, we are always ready to solve your conflicts and provide a protection to your Intellectual property to avoid the consequences of losses of Brand reputation/ Economic Loss, Grey marketing/ parallel trading and your Trademark, Design and Patent Infringements.

During the procedure, we also need your report and once we identify the counterfeiter or supply chain or manufacturers, we are ready to conduct the raids to cease the counterfeited products. Depending on the severity of the case, our enforcement action can lead to anything from the authorities seizing the fake products through to the counterfeiters being fined or having their factories closed down, or to the counterfeiters being arrested.

Our team of professionals protects the sincere business of the clients by providing the useful information to take the enforcement actions. We are providing you the up to mark services to get to the truth about real scenario and help your Intellectual Property to stay protected. For further information or query regarding our IP investigations, please feel free to contact us on [email protected] according to your requirement respectively.

NOTE: As we are professional IP investigators, all the information provided by you to us and also the discreet information gained by us during the investigation will be dealt under the strictest confidence for considering the private investigation ethics.