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Market Intelligence Report

IP investigators have expertise in the field of obtaining intelligence report from the market with the instructions of our clients for the particular brand. Market Intelligence report is the concluded report of mixed review related with competitive intelligence, product evaluation and sometimes for the use of knowing the level of counterfeited stock or seizure for particular product. In enforcement actions, this service is mainly consisting of the discreet information about the counterfeited stock or supply chain of the counterfeiters in the market for the particular brand.

Our team of professional protects the sincere business of the clients by providing the useful information through market intelligence. We are providing you the up to mark services to get to the truth about real scenario and help your Intellectual property to stay protected. For further information or query regarding our IP investigations, please feel free to contact us on [email protected] according to your requirement respectively.

NOTE: As we are professional IP investigators, all the information provided by you to us and also the discreet information gained by us during the investigation will be dealt under the strictest confidence for considering the private investigation ethics.

How to Curb Counterfeiting